Food Samples

Food Samples

All Concessions

Food & Beverage are provided by the Dixie Center Exclusive Caterer, HERITAGE CATERING.

Sample Food and Beverage Distribution Agreement is to be completed and returned for approval via e-mail or fax 435-628-1619. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon approval.

Food products produced by or manufactured by exhibitor can be given as sample (see size allowance below) to event attendees with no fees charged as follows:

Products size to be:

  Beverage - 2 oz. maximum in a 4 oz. container
  Food - Bite size samples
(a small dish of candies/mini candy bars are acceptable and don’t need approval) Popcorn & Ice-cream are not considered samples- there is a fee of $150 for these items. Cooking food of any kind on the premises is strictly prohibited. Exhibitor will be subject to fee of $150 if larger samples are distributed or above requirements are not met.

Food Sales

Any Exhibitor wishing to sell food products or beverages at booths for onsite or off-site consumption (packaged) must receive prior Authorization and pay a fee of $150. **Not all food items will be approved. VENDORS Please note: Outside Food & Beverages are not allowed inside the Dixie Center.