Conditions and Regulations

  1. Wall, column and permanent building utility outlets or sockets are not a part of booth space. Exhibitors are prohibited from using these unless specified otherwise.

  2. Each Exhibitor must purchase booth electricity separately. There is no sharing of power with other Exhibitors.

  3. The purchase of electrical equipment for Exhibitors will be available one hour prior to opening time and until closing time daily.

  4. The Dixie Center conducts an audit of power supplied to all exhibits. Exhibitors will be required to pay standard rates for additional or unauthorized use of services. Services may be disconnected pending full payment.

  5. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than authorized Dixie Center personnel make special or direct wiring electrical connections. The Dixie Center permits qualified Exhibit Staff to assemble, service, and operate exhibits.

  6. All equipment must be properly tagged with complete information (type of current, voltage, phase, cycle, wattage, horsepower, etc.) and wired correctly. If no information is available, authorized Dixie Center personnel will compute the equipment rating for minimum electrical services.

  7. If equipment is deemed unsafe by authorized personnel, the Dixie Center reserves the right to refuse connection to any Exhibitor.

  8. All prices are for rental only. Material and equipment furnished by the Dixie Center for any service order shall remain the Dixie Center’s property unless otherwise specified. Only authorized Dixie Center personnel shall remove said material and equipment at the close of the exhibition.

  9. 120 Volt cords must be 3-wire grounded. Additionally, all exposed, non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment require grounding.

  10. The Dixie Center is not responsible for voltage fluctuations or power failure. If your equipment has strict tolerances for voltage then you must bring your own regulating device.

  11. If power is purchased after Exhibitor setup, the moving of any display, furniture, etc., for this purpose is the responsibility of the Exhibitor. The Dixie Center will not be responsible for any damage or alteration necessary to bring power to a booth.

  12. Any electrical equipment exposed to water/liquids must have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) in place.

  13. Exhibitor will sign a service order indicating changes to original order to acknowledge receipt of said changes.

  14. Prices are based on current rates and are subject to change without notice.

  15. No claim or refund will be considered unless filed by the Exhibitor prior to close of exposition. Please allow thirty days for processing. Credit will not be given for service or equipment installed and not used.

  16. See Terms and Conditions page for Payment Policy. Full payment to be included on Final Recap sheet.