Payment Terms and Conditions


ALL ACCOUNTS MUST BE SETTLED AT OUR SERVICE BOOTH PRIOR TO THE OPENING OF THE SHOW. An invoice will be prepared at the show for signature and payment. Please notify your company representative attending the show of the payment policy.


To receive a discount, payment with credit card must be received before the deadline. Checks and Purchase Orders are not accepted.


Prices indicated on our order forms for rental items and signs are our regular rates. To receive a discount, the order and payment must be received by the indicated deadline.


All materials and equipment are on a rental basis for the duration of the show, except where specifically identified as a sale, and remain property of Dixie Center Decorating Services. All rentals include delivery, installation and removal from your booth.


The Exhibitor has the responsibility to advise the Service Booth Representative of any problem with an order. Be sure to check the invoice for accuracy prior to the close of the exhibit. No credits will be issued after the close of the show.


If show set has been completed at time of a cancellation, the original charges will still be applied

Tax Exempt Status:

If you are exempt from payment of sales tax, we require you to forward an exemption certificate for Utah, the State in which the services are to be used. Resale certificates are not valid unless you are rebilling these charges to your customers.

Unpaid Balances:

Should there be any unpaid balance after the close of the show, payment will be due and payable upon receipt of invoice. A special handling charge of $25.00 will be added to invoice. Effective 30 days after invoice date, any unpaid balance will be charged a Finance Charge of 1.5% per month which is an Annual Percentage Rate of 18%. And all future orders will be on a pre-payment basis only.